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Hi. I’m Suzie and I own I opened my small online shop four years ago when my children were very small and I’ve loved growing it since then. Back when I started, I was amazed at how many toys children owned and I’d also had several difficult experiences bringing my kids into larger toy shops to buy birthday presents for their friends or relatives. During these experiences, my children had wanted several, large plastic, noisy toys which I just didn’t want in our house or to invest in. I decided that there had to be an easier way to buy presents for other children. Yet, when I went home and googled for some educational toys that I was interested in, google kept on sending me to Amazon, eBay or other shops based in other countries. That’s when I decided to take a risk and open my own shop in Ireland and I honestly haven’t looked back.

What I love about owning a toy shop is that I get to choose what kind of toys I stock and I can market them without shame, knowing that they are quality toys that will generally enhance your child’s life and often family life. I try and stay away from stocking plastic toys or toys that discourage imagination and creativity. As my range of toys and games has grown, so has my passion for good toys at affordable prices. I also love stocking sustainable toys from companies that care about our environment, however, these often are more costly so there is not the same demand for them. Still, it’s nice to be able to give my customers the choice.

I look forward to bringing a small selection of toys and games to the Earth Baby Fair again this year. And, like every other year previous, I’ll be offering 10% off everything I bring. It’s impossible to bring one of everything, so if you have your eye on something in particular, drop me an e-mail or a facebook message and ask me to bring whatever it is your want from my website. It’s the only way to guarantee it will be there and you’ll be able to get your discount!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers of Earth Baby Fair for putting on such a great fair every year and to thank everyone who has made purchases from me at the Fair or online. By shopping with me, you are supporting a small Irish business.

See you on the 10th,

Xx Suzie

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