Private Midwives

Ever considered a home birth or non clinical care?

Offering choice, control and continuity through continuous, compassionate midwifery care that is tailored to your needs. Private Midwives Ireland facilitate Home Birth and non-clinical support in hospital with a ‘peace of mind’ guarantee that there will always be back-up support.

We are passionate about the promotion of normality in childbirth and work with you to help achieve optimal outcomes for your family.

Our practice philosophy is based on a commitment to pregnancy and birth as normal life events; we are committed to recognising and respecting the rights and wishes of the individual woman and her family. Continuity of care and a right of choice is at the very heart of our professional ethos.

We also provide a wide range of extra services such as ‘express’ parent education sessions, private Midwifery Antenatal or Postnatal appointments, midwifery study days, therapies and access to a full range of products you may find useful for birth and beyond. We provide safe, affordable, maternity care to meet your own needs.

PMI team - Elizabeth Halliday

Our team of experienced, dedicated midwives are on hand to help you achieve the birth you and your baby deserve, with continuity of care from midwives you know and trust.

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