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Playball is a multi-sport and movement based programme specifically designed for young children.

Playball is a sports programme with a difference- children do not merely learn sport, balance and motor co-ordination , they also learn important life skills, such as self-confidence, persistence, listening skills, sequencing, turn taking, concentration and much more! We use sport as a medium to provide children with a solid base from which to develop every aspect of their lives.

Our aim in the Playball programme is to introduce children to sport in a positive, fun and non-intimidating way, and to instil a love of sport and movement in children from a young age that will last a lifetime. We specialize in small age specific classes. We teach the foundation phase skills for basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, baseball, volleyball, cricket and more to help children to be able to participate in sport with confidence. We are not here to produce future Olympians, but to help children have the confidence to play and to enjoy physical activity and movement.

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