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5 Tips to Energise Your Morning


We all know it’s hard to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed every morning but here’s some of my tips on how to increase your energy in the morning:

  1. Make sure to prioritise sleep. Get to bed early enough the night before. Leave your digital devices out of the bedroom and instead read a few pages of your favourite book.
  2. Don’t snooze. When you alarm goes off, train yourself to get up straight away. You may think you are catching extra zzzz’s when you snooze but you are not getting good quality rest and making for a more stressful start to your morning.
  3. Take 3 deep breaths. Place your hands on your belly, inhale through the nose allowing the belly to gently rise, exhale through the mouth, blowing all the arm out and feeling the tummy muscles lift up and in.
  4. Move your body in whatever way that feels good. For some people this way be a gentle stretch, for others it might be jumping jacks. Getting the heart rate up and the blood flowing even for a few minutes with ignite your energy. If you can, add your favourite music to the mix!
  5. Ditch the coffee…. or at least try this drink first! Warm water with raw honey and lemon. This drink will wake up your digestive system, alkalinise your body, fill you with healthy nutrients and clear your skin all while hydrating you. Worth a try!

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