EcoPipo Cloth Nappies

Ecopipo® is a family business that has been making environmentally friendly reusable products for baby and mum for the last 8 years.  Ecopipo® products are not only environmentally friendly to help you to reduce your carbon footprint at so many levels, but we have the commitment to offer you truly reusable products that can be used time after time.

We have always been passionate about looking after the world and pride ourselves in offering you safe, affordable, well-made reliable products with our unique guarantee of up to 2 years.

In addition, we are a socially responsible company, therefore we check carefully that every step of the process meets our strict ethical ethos.  Ecopipo® products are loved in over 15 countries in two continents.

Ecopipo® cloth nappies….. changing nappies….changing habits!

We are offering special Earth Baby Fair prices in all our products and discount vouchers for you when you come to our table to say hello!

For further info visit Ecopipo Ireland 


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