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AB Studio is a small company based in Wicklow designing, making conditioning shampoo bars and fresh vegan soap.

We use plant oils, herbal infusions, mineral clays and essential oils. All our products are free from SLS, parabens, perfume and harmful unnecessary synthetics. You are left with NO plastic bottle or non-recyclable packaging to throw away.

In this spirit we make customized body care products for individuals, businesses and occasions. We pay great attention to each detail from production process to the final design touches.

In October 2017 we opened the first zero waste body care shop in Ireland, AB Studio – Clean Design, in the Avoca courtyard of Mount Usher Gardens, Ashford Co. Wicklow. Here we sell mainly our own shampoo bars and soaps, loose ingredients for DIY body care and also a variety of natural products by other companies with similar values and ethical approach, concerning the environment and purity of ingredients.

Visit us to experience our products with all your senses or attend one of our educational events. We give occasional talks and workshops in our shop and around Ireland to help people transition to natural hair and body care and help them make better choices when deciding what products come in contact with their skin.

Current talks: “Time to wean off the bottle” – discusses the problematics of using synthetically made liquid shampoos in a plastic bottle. It also presents a variety of alternatives more suitable for the body and for the environment and explains the transitioning period when switching to solid shampoo bars, leaving you with practical steps to survive it.

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In “Transition to natural body care with AB Studio” we give a brief history on the development of personal body care throughout the ages and explain the difference between traditional soap and synthetic body care. We also discuss a variety of natural ingredients you can use in your own routine and teach you a few simple recipes you can make in your own kitchen or with your kids. 

We will be happy to answer any of your questions related to transitioning to natural, plastic free and synthetic free hair and body care during the Earth Baby Fair or at info@absoapstudio.com

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