I’m Laura!  I have four amazing children and a background in nursing!  I developed the concept of Abosca while on maternity leave on my third baby.  I originally started with new baby hatbox and breastfeeding hampers and fell in love with bamboo fabrics after I was introduced to bamboo breast pads and couldn’t get over the softness!  This led to the introduction of the large bamboo muslins!

Abosca Muslin Sqare Bib

I’ve swaddled all of my own babies at various stages and the large bamboo muslins are the ideal fabric to swaddle as they’re super soft and totally breathable! I also love their versatility and multitude of uses including a swaddle cloth, a mop for milky messes, a pram/moses basket sheet, comforter and even a changing table cover when out and about!

Abosca Bamboo Muslin Swaddles group

When I started my very first breastfeeding journey I hadn’t a notion of what I needed and I’ll admit I didn’t do a whole lot of research either! After sending my husband out to the pharmacy many times blindly searching for things I’d read about on online forums the ‘Mums Breastfeeding Box’ was born!  It’s simply the essentials, all of which are recommended by many lactation consultants and midwives, for your hospital bag to get you started!!

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